The Team - Homes on Mallorca

The Team – Homes On Mallorca

We offer a comprehensive and custom-made service that saves our clients time, money and stress on Mallorcas property market.

Our Values

To deliver a comprehensive service for our clients requires dedication and focus, which is why we – The Team –  have a policy that we represent a maximum of four clients at any one time.

We believe that our role of a real estate consultant should not just be limited to finding the best property, but is also about guiding our clients to make the best decision at each stage of the of the buying process. Whether it will be helping our client to choose the best area to suit their lifestyle or assisting them to obtain the best builder to carry out work – we are on hand to help.


The Team - Founders

The Team - Homes On Mallorca

Andrea Mader has been working in the Austrian property market since more than 20 years for different Austrian property developers as a property consulter, controller and agent. In 2010 she travelled with her husband to Mallorca for a sabbatical year to experience another culture. She felt in love with Mallorca and decided to spend more time in Mallorca. When she started to look for a house she realized that the buying process on Mallorca can be time consuming and really frustrating! Using this experience and all the years in real estate she realized that she has unique skills to help professionally other people who wishes to move to Mallorca.

Liss Plambech Nordstrom has lived and worked in many different parts of the world and Mallorca has always had a special place in her heart. In 2007 she and her family decided to move to the Island from where she could run her Internationally recognized company “Leadership in Time”. With a strong professional network, Spanish being her second language and knowing Mallorca like the backside of her hand, she loved helping her friends finding their perfect home on the island. When Andrea and Liss met  through mutual business associates they both saw the potential to start up a property scouting business together.With their each professional skills, their passion for Mallorca and this new property concept they have made several successful sales on Mallorca, apart from the scandinavian languages she is fluent in English,Spanish & French.

When Christina Schubiger in 2014 fell in loved with Majorca, it soon became clear to her and her husband that they would spend most of the year on Mallorca. As an avid golfer and model, she has traveled to many parts of the world. In the pursuit to find her dream home in Mallorca, she quickly realized the importance of good contacts on the island. With her knowledge and her extensive network in Switzerland she complements Andrea and Liss in the team Homes on Mallorca. Besides Christina has flair for interior design, she has also previously been a partner in a well established Human Resources company in Switzerland. Helping others to find their dream home on Mallorca and to make them feel at home on the island is something that she is passionate about

If you have any questions, please contact The Team.

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