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How we work

We like to share with you, how we work and think. Mallorca offers superb luxury property investment potential, with a choice of existing re-sale opportunities, from rustic ‘fincas’ to state of the art new build projects, as well as prime building plots ready for development. As for all property investments, care must be taken in making the right choice by analysing the best property options available on the market and shortlisting suitable properties, so as to make the most of limited viewing time. The buying process can be so time consuming and frustrating for even the experienced and discerning property buyer, such that they may well wish that someone else could do it for them.

Understanding how we work

Every property search we undertake is tailored to each of our client’s individual needs and requirements. This is important to how we work. You will let us know your wishes and we will search for you. However, the below process is a guideline to our homebuyer search service.


Finding the perfect home for someone is a very personal thing. Our emphasis is therefore on you: finding out your individual likes, dislikes and discovering the things that separate a good property from your perfect one.
To do this, we’d ideally like to meet you in person, or talk via phone or e-mail.


Based on the wishes, we will launch the work of finding all the properties that are for sale within the price range, property type and location that you have in mind. We have a very good network on the whole Island. We scrutinise every property from an objective perspective, shortlisting the best ones for you to see.


Once we’ve compiled a shortlist, we’ll arrange a personal tour so you can view them consecutively at a time that suits you. A property tour may consist of seeing anywhere between five and ten properties, depending on market conditions and time of year.


Having found your ideal home, we enter into negotiations with the seller and the authorities. As we are representing you as a buyer we will support and guide you through the whole process with the permits, regulations and lawyer support.
As your personal representative, working exclusively for you, we are there to achieve the best property at the best price on the most favourable terms for you.


We make sure all parties communicate openly and punctually, so your purchase proceeds on schedule. We join you at the notary public’s office and when the keys are handed over to ensure that everything is done properly and your interests are safeguarded.
We help you open a Spanish bank account and obtain a personal Spanish ID number (NIE number).We are there to translate any potential problems that may arise and if need be introduce you to surveyors, architects, builders or other required services.

If you have any questions, about how we work, or would like to set up a meeting, don’t hesitate to contact us HERE.

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